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What is the difference between CAT5, Cat5e, CAT6 and CAT6e cables ?

CAT5 – older and obsolete version of category 5 twisted pair coper cable. Maximum speed of 100mbps and prone to interference.
CAT5e (category 5 enhanced) can operate the data transferrer speed of 1000mpb (gigabit)and still prone to interference and would suffer packet lost for distance over 100 meters
CAT6 is successor of Cat5e but not much of a difference. Due to extra padding, less prone to interference and designed for speed of 1 Gbps. Maximum distance 93 meters
CAT6e improved version of cat6 and support data transfer rate of 10gbps. Maximum distance 55 meters
So, use CAT5e or CAT6 for local are network with 100 meters and CAT6A to connect server, backbone switches etc.

What is broadband?

The term is derived from radio frequencies and means that broad band of frequencies are used to carry the data signal from one place to another. In simple term it is your fast internet connection provided by your service provider.

What is ADSL?

Asymmetrical digital subscriber line connection is a telephone line which also run data service. The customer end equipment generally called ‘router’ provides a fast internet connection to the world wide web. Usually the download (to the customer’s premsised0) data transfer rate is higher than the uplink (back to the exchange).
For example, ADSL download is 8 and upload is 1.5 Mbps. It is a shared bandwidth meaning upload /download data rate is not guaranteed.

What is FTTC?

It means Fibber To The Cabinet. The connection form exchange to the local cabinet is connected via fibber (for higher speed) and connection from cabinet to the end sued is made via copper.
For Example, FFTC download speed could be 80 and upload o 20 Mbps. It is a shared bandwidth meaning upload /download data rate is not guaranteed.

What is EFM?

It is Ethernet First Mile high speed symmetric connection. It is low cost leased line with symmetrical connection and maximum speed of 20 Mbps. This means that upload and download speed is same. EFM also known as Ethernet broadband is presented at the premises as an Ethernet connection.

What is leased line?

It is a fibber run, dedicated, symmetrical bandwidth connection used for faster internet. The installation cost and monthly charges are higher than any other form of broadband. As a result, it is mainly used to connect corporate to branch offices and for faster internet speed. Most common connections are 2, 10 and 100 Mbps. Upload and download speed are dedicated and same.

What is MPLS?

It means MultiProtcol Label switching
Like leased line MPLS is a WAN connectivity and is implemented as a full mesh, i.e. it connects more than one sites where all sites are connected to each other.
To the end user it is like an Ethernet connection and MPLS provider provides dedicated and secure path for remote site connection.

What is SD-WAN?

It means software defined WAN. it provides number of benefits over MPLS. Instead of using expensive MPLS network provided by a special provider, SD-WAN allows to build high performance WAN utilising lower-cost commercially available internet connection.
SD-WAD manages the cost, decreased complexity, increase flexibility and performance by applying the policies and security rules centrally and dynamically to all end devices.


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